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10B-FP is a networkinga term that stands for 10BASE-FP. It refers to the physical layer and media access control (MAC) of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, which is used in Ethernet networks. 10B-FP is commonly seen in fiber optic networks, where it defines multiple speeds of data transfer that can affect how fast devices connected to a network can send and receive data.


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10B-FP mostly used in an acronym Computing in Category Computing that means 10BASE-FP

Shorthand: 10B-FP,
Full Form: 10BASE-FP

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What is 10BASE-FP?

10BASE-FP (10 Mbps Baseband Fiber Optic) is an Ethernet network based on fiber optics that can transfer data at speeds up to 10 Mbps. It uses baseband technology, which allows only one transmission at a time and requires the sender to wait until the receiver acknowledges it before another can be sent.

What type of medium does 10BASE-FP use?

10BASE-FP uses a single-mode or multimode optical fiber as its medium. Single-mode fibers are better for long distances, whereas multimode fibers are more suitable for shorter distances.

How many cables does a 10BASE-FP network require?

A 10BASE-FP network requires two cables - one for sending data and one for receiving data. Each cable must have an optical transceiver at each end.

What is the maximum distance between two nodes on a 10BASE-FP network?

The maximum distance between nodes on a 10BASE-FP network is 2km (1.24 miles).

What types of connectors are used in a 10BASE-FP network?

The connectors used in a 10BASE-FP network are LC (Local Connector), BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman), ST (Standard, formerly known as AT&T), SC (Subscriber Connector) or MT-RJ (Multi/Multi Twisted Pair Registered Jack).

What are the advantages of using a 10BASE-FP network?

The advantages of using a 10BASE-FP network include higher speeds than traditional copper networks, greater security due to fiber optic's immunity to electromagnetic interference, smaller size and lighter weight than copper wires, reduction in power consumption compared with copper networks, and less expensive installation costs since no trenching or electrical wiring is required.

Is there any way to increase the speed of the existing 10Base FP Network without having to upgrade it?

Yes, you can increase the speed of your existing network by adding additional nodes and links between them or by upgrading your hardware components like optical transceivers and connections like optical repeaters for longer distance communication if they support higher speeds.

Final Words:
10 BASE FP is an important part of Ethernet networking since it defines how fast certain components can communicate with each other over a fiber optic connection. It is commonplace now in business networks since it has become relatively cheap to set up a network using such cables where speeds are most needed without sacrificing too much cost or reliability. With its low cost per user, high speed capabilities and relative immunity from EMI noise interference, there are plenty of reasons why businesses continue to use 10 BASE FP today.


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