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Alcoholic Apes Anonymous (AAA) is an organization dedicated to helping humans and great apes who suffer from alcoholism. The group was founded on the belief that addiction is a disease, one that can be prevented and managed responsibly. AAA provides support to individuals who are struggling with substance abuse or alcohol use disorder and helps them learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices.


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AAA mostly used in an acronym Funnies in Category Miscellaneous that means Alcoholic Apes Anonymous

Alcoholic Apes Anonymous

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Does AAA provide in-person meetings?

Yes, some local chapters of AAA may offer in-person meetings where members can come together for support or counseling sessions as part of their recovery process; however, these meetings may be limited as a precaution due to current public health concerns related to Covid-19 virus pandemic restrictions at this time .

Final Words:
AAA provides much needed support for those who suffer from alcoholism through its programs designed specifically for both humans and not just the great apes but other species too; ultimately focusing on providing a safe environment for members in which they can find resources necessary for successful recovery in long-term sobriety and improved life quality overall.


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