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AAA, or Angband Across America (or also known as "America's AAA"), is an online game platform that allows gamers to play against each other in a variety of different genres. The platform was created in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most popular online gaming avenues. With its ability to connect gamers from all over the world, AAA has allowed players to develop relationships and build experiences that transcend physical boundaries. In addition, AAA has hosted events that have brought together thousands of people for tournaments and other forms of competition. This article will discuss what the acronym "AAA" stands for and how it pertains to the world of gaming.


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AAA mostly used in an acronym Funnies in Category Miscellaneous that means Angband Across America

Shorthand: AAA,
Full Form: Angband Across America

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What is Angband Across America?

Angband Across America (AAA) is a nationwide celebration of the tabletop fantasy role-playing game, “Angband”. It is held twice a year where hundreds of gamers from all over the country meet together to play and experience Angband and many other table top games in an engaging atmosphere.

How can I participate in AAA?

To participate in an AAA event you must first sign up online by visiting the official site at angbandacrossamerica.com. You will be asked to provide your name, preferred city, contact information and any other necessary information so the organizers can match you with fellow gamers and help you plan accordingly for each session.

What makes AAA different from other tabletop conventions?

AAA stands out from other conventions due to its structured events that take participants through various levels of the game with specific objectives and progression goals. There are also puzzles hidden throughout each session to boost engagement and add variety to the competition. Additionally, special prizes are given away during certain rounds as well as an end-of-the-season grand prize for the overall winner!

Is there anything else besides gaming that I can do at AAA?

Absolutely! AAA also hosts a variety of pre-gaming activities such as art showcases, tournaments, cosplay contests, demos, raffles, trivia nights, movie nights and more! There are lots of ways for all types of players at any skill level to have fun at AAA events.

When does annual registration open for Angband Across America?

Registration usually opens at least two months ahead of each AAA season with early bird discounts available for those who sign up on or before opening day. You can check out our official website for exact dates or follow us on social media for updates regarding upcoming seasons.

Is there an age limit I should know about for registering for Angband Across America?

Yes – participants must be 18 years old or above to be eligible for registration with valid photo ID required upon check-in onsite. Children below 12 years old can still attend if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian but they will not be able to register as independent players.

When does each season usually start and when do they end?

Each season generally starts during in April or May and ends around November or December depending on local availability. The exact dates may vary from one location to another but all information is provided before hand when signing up online.

Is it possible to customize my experiences while participating in Angband Across America?

Yes – when signing up you will also have access to additional options such as customized playlists (for music), tournament heats (for teams) and exclusive rewards based on game performance which you can use alongside classic badges given out during regular gameplay.

Does participating in Angband Across America cost money? If so how much?

Yes – there is an entrance fee associated with attending any AAA event however this varies depending on the location selected as some venues might offer discounts or have additional fees related tax/service charges. The prices range from $10 - $35 USD per person with discounts available beforehand if you decide to purchase a ticket package online beforehand.

Where exactly is the main headquarters located for Angband Across America?

The main headquarters is located in Redmond Washington U.S. however events are held across multiple locations throughout North America both physically and virtually via platforms such as Twitch & Discord.

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