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BNSF stands for "Big New Santa Fe". It is a freight and passenger railroad network based in the United States, operating over 32,000 miles of track connecting customers to key markets throughout North America.


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BNSF mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Big New Santa Fe

Shorthand: BNSF,
Full Form: Big New Santa Fe

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What is BNSF?

How long has BNSF been around?

BNSF has been around since 1995, when it was formed through the merger of Burlington Northern and Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway.

What services does BNSF provide?

As a leader in the transportation industry, BNSF provides a variety of services including transportation and logistics solutions for rail, intermodal, energy and automotive products. They also offer merchandise delivery solutions and supply chain management solutions to help customers reach their business goals.

How many railroads does BNSF operate?

The BNSF Railway Company operates 32,000 miles of track across 28 states, Canada, and Mexico.

Is BNSF connected to other railways?

Yes! Through cooperative agreements with other railway companies, BNSF can access additional rail lines for its customers' needs. This helps ensure that shippers have access to reliable transportation options that meet their needs.

Does BNSF offer cargo insurance for its shipments?

Yes - Shipments are covered under full-value cargo insurance when they're shipped on our network. Customers also have the option to purchase additional insurance coverage from third-party providers if desired.

Does BNSF offer tracking services?

Yes! Our online Track & Trace service provides detailed information about every shipment's journey up until its final destination - giving customers peace of mind that their goods are safe and sound in transit.

What is ‘Interline’ shipping with BNSF?

Interline shipping is when shipments are transported on multiple Modes of Transport (MOTs) or using two or more different carriers in order to save time and reduce costs. By utilizing Interline shipping through the use of mutual agreements between railroad companies such as ourselves, we can provide customers with cost-effective ways to transport goods safely throughout North America efficiently.

Does BNSF offer any special programs or discounts?

We understand that reducing costs wherever possible is important for businesses today - which is why we offer various discounts based on volume as well as special programs that allow our customers to save money on their freight bills while still receiving superior customer service and assurance of safe transit with us at all times. Check out our website for more details about these programs!

Are there any other benefits associated with using BNSF as a provider of rail transportation services?

Absolutely! In addition to providing cost savings via discounts or special programs, partnering with us also ensures efficient transit times across large geographic areas due to our vast network which covers 28 states plus Canada and Mexico combined, providing you fast connections that get your goods delivered quickly with minimal delays along the way. Furthermore, we make sure your shipments are handled professionally by our experienced personnel who understand how critical fast transit times are in ensuring your success as a business.

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