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Hashtag is one of the most popular symbols used in internet culture. It's an important term to know for anyone who wants to understand the online world and use it effectively. It originated from Twitter and has now become a universal symbol used by many social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and many more. A hashtag is basically a keyword with a "#" symbol in front of it that people use while posting on social media to categorize their posts so other people can find them easily.


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# mostly used in an acronym Internet in Category Internet that means under HTML, ID= is replaced by # for CSS

Shorthand: #,
Full Form: under HTML, ID= is replaced by # for CSS

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The hashtag # (number sign) is a form of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram and other microblogging services allowing users to apply dynamic content filtering. It allows search engines to organize searches by words or phrases, and allow users who are interested in similar topics to interact. Hashtags are usually created by adding a "#" (pound sign or hash) before an unspaced word or phrase often related to the general topic being discussed on that social media platform. The use of hashtags makes it easier for individuals to follow topics they are interested in.


The purpose of hashtags is simple - they make it easier for people to join conversations about specific topics by providing a keyword that everyone can relate to a single discussion thread. By properly using hashtags when you post content on social media sites, you can make sure your content reaches its intended audience quickly and accurately. Furthermore, well-crafted hashtags also have the potential to increase engagement rates since they enable users seeking out relevant content to find new voices more quickly. Generally speaking, effective hashtag usage will result in an increase in reach as well as engagement which is beneficial for individuals or brands trying to build an online presence.

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What is the difference between ID= and # in HTML?

ID= is used to identify a specific element within an HTML document, whereas # is used to define a styling element within CSS.

What does the
tag do?


tag defines a division or section on a web page. It can be used as a container for other elements such as text, images, links, headers and more.

How do I style my HTML page with CSS?

You can use CSS to style your HTML page by adding styling rules to your code using selectors. Selectors are patterns that match your HTML elements and are used to apply styles.

What's the difference between pixels and percent (%) when defining sizes in CSS?

Pixels are absolute units used to specify lengths while percents (%) are relative units which represent a percentage of available space relative to its parent container.

How do I center an element using CSS?

To center an element using CSS you must set its left/right margins to auto and width declaration to any value other than "auto" (e.g 100%). Additionally you can use the "text-align" property set to "center".

What is the box model in CSS?

The box model in CSS represents the rectangular boxes which are generated for each element which includes content, padding, borders and margins properties that affect size and position of elements on webpages.

How do I include an external style sheet into my webpage?

To add an external style sheet into your webpage you must link it within the head of your document using the tag with necessary attributes including type="text/css" and rel="stylesheet".

How do I make a font appear bold?

To make text appear bold you must specify font-weight property set to "bold" or 100-900 values where higher value makes font weighted heavier, e.gfont-weight:"700".

Final Words:
In conclusion, the # (number sign) symbol plays an important role in today’s digital communication landscape due to its ability to enable better organization of conversation threads on various social networks. As one of the main components used when displaying metadata information about posts or discussions online, hashtags allow users easier access into finding relevant content related to their interests quickly. As such, knowing how and when best utilize hashtag usage will help improve visibility and engagement rates for both individual users and brands alike.

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