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ACAC stands for Allegheny Center Alliance Church. It is a Christian Church located in Buffalo, New York. The church is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. Its mission is to bring individuals from various backgrounds together to experience the presence of Jesus Christ and the power of His love through worship, fellowship, teaching, service, and ministry.


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ACAC mostly used in an acronym Churches in Category Community that means Allegheny Center Alliance Church

Shorthand: ACAC,
Full Form: Allegheny Center Alliance Church

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What ACAC Stands For

Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC) is a flourishing Christian church with a focus on bringing people from all backgrounds and walks of life together to experience the presence of Jesus Christ and His powerful love through worship, fellowship, teaching, service, and ministry. They offer Bible study courses, prayer meetings, retreats, concerts, children's ministries and more for those seeking spiritual growth in their lives. They also have an active community outreach program which helps those in need by providing food pantry items to families in need as well as other assistance opportunities.

Mission Of ACAC

The mission of ACAC is to spread the message of Jesus Christ by embracing individuals who are searching for spiritual clarity. ACAC’s goal is to provide a place where members can deepen their relationship with God through teaching and fellowship; where everyone can learn how to live out God’s plan for their lives; where members become servant leaders in their homes and communities; where believers become equipped witnesses of our Lord; and ultimately where “People Matter Most" in every way possible.

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What type of church is Allegheny Center Alliance Church?

Allegheny Center Alliance Church is a Christian denomination, belonging to the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We invite all people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, centered around the good news of God’s grace.

What does the Allegheny Center Alliance Church believe in?

We believe the Bible is God’s Word and that it provides instructions for us to live by as His followers. Our goal is to become more like Jesus Christ through regular fellowship and service and by living out the values He taught us.

What types of services does Allegheny Center Alliance Church provide?

We offer weekly worship services including traditional and contemporary music styles, as well as midweek prayer meetings and Bible studies. Our mission further extends to several ministries, including children's ministry, youth ministry, college-age group, men's ministry, women's ministry and small groups.

How often does Allegheny Center Alliance Church meet for worship?

We have Sunday morning services at 9am & 11am each week. There are also evening activities on Wednesdays during some seasons such as seasonal Bible studies or youth events from 6:15pm to 8pm.

Is there childcare available during services?

Yes! Childcare is available for newborns through 4th grade during both morning Sunday services at 9am & 11am.

Does Allegheny Center Alliance Church have special programs offered?

Yes! We offer evangelism training seminars throughout the year along with special events such as concerts, plays, retreats, conferences and more that are geared toward achieving our missions goals.

Does Allegheny Center Alliance Church engage in outreach activities in their local community?

Absolutely! We connect closely with our local schools and actively participate in community initiatives such as charity drives and assistance programs within our area.

Final Words:
In summary, ACAC stands for Allegheny Center Alliance Church – an actively engaged Christian church that seeks to bring people from all backgrounds together to experience the love of Jesus Christ through worship services, Bible study classes, prayers meetings and much more. Their mission is one that focuses on bringing people closer to Him while also caring for the needs of those within the community who need help or guidance along their spiritual journey.

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