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Allied Churches of Alamance County (ACAC) is an organization providing resources for aid and relief to citizens in Alamance County, North Carolina. ACAC is comprised of local churches, businesses, and community members coming together to help those in need.


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ACAC mostly used in an acronym Churches in Category Community that means Allied Churches of Alamance County

Shorthand: ACAC,
Full Form: Allied Churches of Alamance County

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What type of services does ACAC provide?

ACAC provides financial assistance with rent/mortgage payments, utility bills, and other necessities. They also provide food pantries, clothing closets, employment referrals, physical and mental health counseling services, holiday support programs and more.

How can I get involved with ACAC?

There are many ways to become involved with ACAC including volunteering at a food pantry or clothing closet, participating in their holiday support program or donating funds or supplies that help meet the needs of those in the community.

What kind of donations does ACAC accept?

Donations accepted by ACAC include both monetary contributions and material items for the various aid programs they offer. In-kind donations may include food items for their pantries, household items like cleaning supplies or linens for those in need, gas cards to assist with transportation needs, gift cards used to purchase needed toiletries or clothes and more.

Does ACAC have specific criteria that individuals must meet to qualify for assistance?

Yes - residents must be able to provide proof of residency within Alamance County as well as valid identification when applying for any aid provided by ACAC. Other criteria vary depending on the type of assistance being sought out but all applicants can expect a thorough review process prior to approval.

Where can I find more information about ACAC?

You can find more information about Allied Churches of Alamance County from their website at www.alliedchurchesofalamancecounty.org or you may contact them directly by phone or email for additional questions you may have about their programs and services offered.

Final Words:
Allied Churches of Alamance County is an invaluable resource for those living in Alamance County who are facing difficult circumstances due to homelessness or poverty. Through their array of relief offerings ranging from housing assistance to physical/mental health counseling services they provide much-needed support and guidance throughout the region.

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