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Auricular is a medical term used to describe the ear. The abbreviation AUR stands for "auricular," which refers to the organ of hearing and balance. This article will explain what AUR means and provide relevant FAQs.


A meaning in British Medicine in Medical

A mostly used in an acronym British Medicine in Category Medical that means auricular

Shorthand: A,
Full Form: auricular

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What does AUR stand for?

AUR stands for "auricular," which refers to the ear and its functions.

What parts of the ear does AUR refer to?

AUR typically refers to both the external part of the ear (the pinna) and the internal structures, including the auditory canal, eardrum, ossicles, and cochlea.

Is auricular used only in medical contexts?

Although it is mainly used in a medical context, auricular can also be used outside of a medical setting when referring to something related to the ear or hearing.

Is auricular related to any other words or abbreviations?

Yes, auricular is related to other words such as otitis externa (inflammation of the outer ear) and acronyms such as OM (otitis media).

Does auricular refer only to humans?

No, auricular can also refer to animals with ears, such as mammals and birds.

Final Words:
In conclusion, AUR stands for "auricular," which is a medical term that refers to both the external and internal structures of the ear. It is commonly used in both medical contexts as well as non-medical settings when referring to something related to hearing or sound.

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