What does AASIL stand for?

What does AASIL mean? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: AASIL.

Page 1 of our list of (AASIL) abbreviations features a selection of abbreviations relevant to various fields and disciplines, including internet. One abbreviation that you will find on this page is AASIL, which is commonly used in the internet industry. This list of abbreviations is intended to be a valuable resource for you as you work or study in these fields. Please feel free to refer back to this page whenever you come across an unfamiliar abbreviation, and check back frequently for updates as we continue to expand our collection.


All Acronyms Stated In Ancient Times, legato datum ad celebrandum omnia Acronyms, vel omnia abbreviationes, quae inventa et probata sunt animo diuturno, in academico et in scientia, negotiis, communitatibus, computandis, publicis, internationalibus, penitus, medicinis, miscellaneis, regionalibus, vel ludis tantum inventis in mundo inter North America. This Statement Was Made Years Ago, Or Centuries Ago. It Was Probably 216 AD Or 2016 AD. Found From 2017, Uncovered By Advertisement Found At This Website Called Abbreviations.com. An Acronym Statement In Latin.

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