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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Accounting. All abbreviations on this page are 1HY means First Half-Year, 1QTRA means First Quarter Analysis, 21 MFI means Payment due on the 21st of the Month Following Invoice date, 350K means Three hundred and fifty thousand, 3RB means Risky and Revenue Recognition Board, 4EA means For Enterprise Administrator, 90DSAC means Ninety Days, Same As Cash, A means Accepted, A&AR means Accounting and Auditing Releases, A/C means Account Current, A/C means Account, A/P means Accounts Payable, A/R means Accounts Receivable, AA means Active Page, AAA means Accumulated Adjustments Account, AAA means American Accounting Association, AAA means Association of Accounting Administrators, AAA means Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, AAA means Authentication Authorization and Accounting, AAA means Authentication Authorization Accounting,

1HYFirst Half-Year. 1HY
1QTRAFirst Quarter Analysis. 1QTRA
21 MFIPayment due on the 21st of the Month Following Invoice date. 21 MFI
350KThree hundred and fifty thousand. 350K
3RBRisky and Revenue Recognition Board. 3RB
4EAFor Enterprise Administrator. 4EA
90DSACNinety Days, Same As Cash. 90DSAC
AAccepted. A
A&ARAccounting and Auditing Releases. A&AR
A/CAccount Current. A/C
A/CAccount. A/C
A/PAccounts Payable. A/P
A/RAccounts Receivable. A/R
AAActive Page. AA
AAAAccumulated Adjustments Account. AAA
AAAAmerican Accounting Association. AAA
AAAAssociation of Accounting Administrators. AAA
AAAAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting. AAA
AAAAuthentication Authorization and Accounting. AAA
AAAAuthentication Authorization Accounting. AAA


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