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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Advisory. All abbreviations on this page are 2BC means To be continued., A means Advisory, AAAB means Accounting Alumni Advisory Board, AAAB means Asian American Advisory Board, AAAC means Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, AABS means Assurance and Advisory Business Services, AAC means Administrative Advisory Committee, AAC means Aquaculture Advisory Council, AAC means Aging Advisory Council, AACSCEDR means Associate and Advisory Committee to the Special Committee on Electronic Data Retrieval, AACTI means Apex Advisory Council for Telecom in India, AAG means Accreditation Advisory Group, ABAB means Administrative Burdens Advisory Board, ABAB means Administrative Burden Advisory Board, ABAB means Australasian BIM Advisory Board, ABAC means American Bioethics Advisory Commission, ABAS means Assurance Business Advisory Services, ABBF means Advisory Board for Banking Frauds, ABCAB means Amgen Bioprocessing Center Advisory Board, ABCAN means Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect,

2BCTo be continued.. 2BC
AAdvisory. A
AAABAccounting Alumni Advisory Board. AAAB
AAABAsian American Advisory Board. AAAB
AAACAffirmative Action Advisory Committee. AAAC
AABSAssurance and Advisory Business Services. AABS
AACAdministrative Advisory Committee. AAC
AACAquaculture Advisory Council. AAC
AACAging Advisory Council. AAC
AACSCEDRAssociate and Advisory Committee to the Special Committee on Electronic Data Retrieval. AACSCEDR
AACTIApex Advisory Council for Telecom in India. AACTI
AAGAccreditation Advisory Group. AAG
ABABAdministrative Burdens Advisory Board. ABAB
ABABAdministrative Burden Advisory Board. ABAB
ABABAustralasian BIM Advisory Board. ABAB
ABACAmerican Bioethics Advisory Commission. ABAC
ABASAssurance Business Advisory Services. ABAS
ABBFAdvisory Board for Banking Frauds. ABBF
ABCABAmgen Bioprocessing Center Advisory Board. ABCAB
ABCANAdvisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect. ABCAN


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