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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Agencies. All abbreviations on this page are AAAL means Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland, AAM means All Agency Memos, ABAD means Agency for Barani Area Development, ABEA means Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies, ABLA means Andrea Brown Literary Agency, ABNA means Ahlul Bayt News Agency, ADAK means Agency for Development of Aquaculture Kerala, ADCF means Agency Disaster Capacity Framework, ADHA means Australian Digital Health Agency, AEAS means Association of Employment Agencies Singapore, AfDSI means Agency for Sustainable Development Initiatives, AFSA means Air Force Safety Agency, AHIA means American Heartland Insurance Agency, AHIA means Affordable Health Insurance Agency, AKOMA means All Kinds Of Music Agency, AMCA means American Medical Collection Agency, AMPM means Agency Mission Planning Model, AOE means Agency Of Education, APPAC means Association of Professional Placement Agencies and Consultants, APSO means Agency for Personal Services Overseas,

AAALArea Agency on Aging for Lincolnland. AAAL
AAMAll Agency Memos. AAM
ABADAgency for Barani Area Development. ABAD
ABEAAssociation of Bulgarian Energy Agencies. ABEA
ABLAAndrea Brown Literary Agency. ABLA
ABNAAhlul Bayt News Agency. ABNA
ADAKAgency for Development of Aquaculture Kerala. ADAK
ADCFAgency Disaster Capacity Framework. ADCF
ADHAAustralian Digital Health Agency. ADHA
AEASAssociation of Employment Agencies Singapore. AEAS
AfDSIAgency for Sustainable Development Initiatives. AfDSI
AFSAAir Force Safety Agency. AFSA
AHIAAmerican Heartland Insurance Agency. AHIA
AHIAAffordable Health Insurance Agency. AHIA
AKOMAAll Kinds Of Music Agency. AKOMA
AMCAAmerican Medical Collection Agency. AMCA
AMPMAgency Mission Planning Model. AMPM
AOEAgency Of Education. AOE
APPACAssociation of Professional Placement Agencies and Consultants. APPAC
APSOAgency for Personal Services Overseas. APSO


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