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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Artificial Intelligence. All abbreviations on this page are A means The first letter of the alphabet, AAII means Applied Artificial Intelligence Initiative, ACAI means Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence, AFINN means AFINN is a dictionary-like collection of words mapped to sentiment level (often from bad to good) used in sentiment analysis in computer science, named after Dane Finn Årup Nielsen., AIBT means Artificial Intelligence Business Transformation, AICAI means Amity International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AICAN means Artificial Intelligence Creative Adversarial Network, AICI means Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence, AICI means Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Imaging, AICT means Artificial Intelligence Capabilities and Transparency, AIFH means Artificial Intelligence For Humans, AIFR means Artificial Intelligence for Fundamental Research, AIGS means Artificial Intelligence Geneva Summit, AIIG means Artificial Intelligence In Geosciences, AIJ means Artificial Intelligence for Justice, AILE means Artificial Intelligence and Legal Education, AIMEC means Artificial Intelligence Mechanical Electrical Companion, AIMI means Association for Image and Machine Intelligence, AIMSS means Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Student Society, AIPS means Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems,

AThe first letter of the alphabet. A
AAIIApplied Artificial Intelligence Initiative. AAII
ACAIAdvanced Course on Artificial Intelligence. ACAI
AFINNAFINN is a dictionary-like collection of words mapped to sentiment level (often from bad to good) used in sentiment analysis in computer science, named after Dane Finn Årup Nielsen.. AFINN
AIBTArtificial Intelligence Business Transformation. AIBT
AICAIAmity International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AICAI
AICANArtificial Intelligence Creative Adversarial Network. AICAN
AICIArtificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence. AICI
AICIArtificial Intelligence in Clinical Imaging. AICI
AICTArtificial Intelligence Capabilities and Transparency. AICT
AIFHArtificial Intelligence For Humans. AIFH
AIFRArtificial Intelligence for Fundamental Research. AIFR
AIGSArtificial Intelligence Geneva Summit. AIGS
AIIGArtificial Intelligence In Geosciences. AIIG
AIJArtificial Intelligence for Justice. AIJ
AILEArtificial Intelligence and Legal Education. AILE
AIMECArtificial Intelligence Mechanical Electrical Companion. AIMEC
AIMIAssociation for Image and Machine Intelligence. AIMI
AIMSSArtificial Intelligence in Medicine Student Society. AIMSS
AIPSArtificial Intelligence Planning Systems. AIPS


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