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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Aircraft & Aviation. All abbreviations on this page are -UAL means United Airlines, 3AM means Air Mechanic 3rd Class, 474 means New Airliner/Canceled from Drawing Boards:, 54K means Air-Mileage between Paris and Burgundy in Kilometers, 656 means Aeroflot Airplane, 7O7 means Commercial Aviation Aircraft Model Number, 90K means Ninety King Air, 9X9 means Sack-O-Grande Acroport Airport, A means A-check, A means for Aircraft, A & P means Airframe & Powerplant, A&E means Aircraft and Engine, A&P means Airframe & Powerplant, A&P means Air frame and Power plant, A/C means Aircraft, A/D means AeroDrome, A/D means Analog / Digital, A/FD means Airport / Facility Directory, A/G means Air to Ground, A/P means Airport,

-UALUnited Airlines. -UAL
3AMAir Mechanic 3rd Class. 3AM
474New Airliner/Canceled from Drawing Boards:. 474
54KAir-Mileage between Paris and Burgundy in Kilometers. 54K
656Aeroflot Airplane. 656
7O7Commercial Aviation Aircraft Model Number. 7O7
90KNinety King Air. 90K
9X9Sack-O-Grande Acroport Airport. 9X9
AA-check. A
Afor Aircraft. A
A & PAirframe & Powerplant. A & P
A&EAircraft and Engine. A&E
A&PAirframe & Powerplant. A&P
A&PAir frame and Power plant. A&P
A/CAircraft. A/C
A/DAeroDrome. A/D
A/DAnalog / Digital. A/D
A/FDAirport / Facility Directory. A/FD
A/GAir to Ground. A/G
A/PAirport. A/P


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