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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Alumni. All abbreviations on this page are AA means Alpha Alumni, AA means Alumni Affairs, AA means Alumni Association, AAAA means African American Alumni Association, AAAAA means Anderson African American Alumni Association, AAAC means African American Alumni Council, AAAC means AHANA Alumni Advisory Council, AAAM means Alumni Association of Applied Mathematics, AAAO means Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office, AAAO means African American Alumni Organization, AAAP means Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program, AAAT means American Alumni Association of Tanzania, AAEB means Alumni Association Executive Board, AAEC means Alumni Association Executive Committee, AAFA means Association for Alumni and Friends of ASMSA, AAFN means Association of Alumni and Friends of NACURH, AAFN means Association of Alumni Friends of NACURH, AAFSA means Asian American Faculty Staff and Alumni, AAFSA means Asian American Faculty Staff Alumni, AAFSA means Akiba Alumni Former Students Association,

AAAlpha Alumni. AA
AAAlumni Affairs. AA
AAAlumni Association. AA
AAAAAfrican American Alumni Association. AAAA
AAAAAAnderson African American Alumni Association. AAAAA
AAACAfrican American Alumni Council. AAAC
AAACAHANA Alumni Advisory Council. AAAC
AAAMAlumni Association of Applied Mathematics. AAAM
AAAOAdvancement and Alumni Affairs Office. AAAO
AAAOAfrican American Alumni Organization. AAAO
AAAPAlumni Admissions Ambassador Program. AAAP
AAATAmerican Alumni Association of Tanzania. AAAT
AAEBAlumni Association Executive Board. AAEB
AAECAlumni Association Executive Committee. AAEC
AAFAAssociation for Alumni and Friends of ASMSA. AAFA
AAFNAssociation of Alumni and Friends of NACURH. AAFN
AAFNAssociation of Alumni Friends of NACURH. AAFN
AAFSAAsian American Faculty Staff and Alumni. AAFSA
AAFSAAsian American Faculty Staff Alumni. AAFSA
AAFSAAkiba Alumni Former Students Association. AAFSA


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