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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym AMEX Symbols. All abbreviations on this page are AA P means Alcoa Aluminum, Inc. Preferred, AB means Cannon Express, Inc., ABL means American Biltrite, Inc., ABR means Atlantic Premium Brands, Ltd., ACFD means Applied Capital Funding, Inc., ACM PA means American Coin Merchandising Preferred A, ACT P means Allegiant Capital Trust I, ACU means Acme United Corporation, ACY means Aerocentury Corporation, AE means Adams Resources & Energy, Inc., AEN means AMC Entertainment, Inc., AER means Aegis Realty, Inc., AFP means United Capital Corporation, AFV means American Quantum Cycles, Inc., AGH means Atlantis Plastics, Inc., AGP means AMERIGROUP Corporation, AGT means AimGlobal Technologies, Inc., AI means American Telesource International, Inc., AIA means American Insured Mortgage Investments, AII means American Insured Mortgage Investments, L. P.,

AA PAlcoa Aluminum, Inc. Preferred. AA P
ABCannon Express, Inc.. AB
ABLAmerican Biltrite, Inc.. ABL
ABRAtlantic Premium Brands, Ltd.. ABR
ACFDApplied Capital Funding, Inc.. ACFD
ACM PAAmerican Coin Merchandising Preferred A. ACM PA
ACT PAllegiant Capital Trust I. ACT P
ACUAcme United Corporation. ACU
ACYAerocentury Corporation. ACY
AEAdams Resources & Energy, Inc.. AE
AENAMC Entertainment, Inc.. AEN
AERAegis Realty, Inc.. AER
AFPUnited Capital Corporation. AFP
AFVAmerican Quantum Cycles, Inc.. AFV
AGHAtlantis Plastics, Inc.. AGH
AGTAimGlobal Technologies, Inc.. AGT
AIAmerican Telesource International, Inc.. AI
AIAAmerican Insured Mortgage Investments. AIA
AIIAmerican Insured Mortgage Investments, L. P.. AII


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