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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Arabic. All abbreviations on this page are A7A means An Egyptian word for (WTF), AABA means American Arabic Benevolent Association, ACEFRS means Arabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish, AD means adminstritiv distance, AD means Abu Dhabi, AITC means Arabic Innovation Training Consultancy, ALAB means Arabic Life Application Bible, ALCT means Arabic Language Competency Test, ALIF means Arabic Language Institute in Fez, ALLP means Arabic Language Learning Program, ALNT means Arabic Lexical Neighbourhood Test, AMJ means Arabic Meme Jokes, ANLP means Arabic Natural Language Processing, ARBC means Arabic, ATC means Automobile and Touring Club, ATTC means Arabic Teacher Training Course, AVIA means Arabic Variant Identification Aid, DAFF means Dublin Arabic Film Festival, EA means Egyptian Arabic, EAPB means Early Arabic Printed Books,

A7AAn Egyptian word for (WTF). A7A
AABAAmerican Arabic Benevolent Association. AABA
ACEFRSArabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish. ACEFRS
ADadminstritiv distance. AD
ADAbu Dhabi. AD
AITCArabic Innovation Training Consultancy. AITC
ALABArabic Life Application Bible. ALAB
ALCTArabic Language Competency Test. ALCT
ALIFArabic Language Institute in Fez. ALIF
ALLPArabic Language Learning Program. ALLP
ALNTArabic Lexical Neighbourhood Test. ALNT
AMJArabic Meme Jokes. AMJ
ANLPArabic Natural Language Processing. ANLP
ATCAutomobile and Touring Club. ATC
ATTCArabic Teacher Training Course. ATTC
AVIAArabic Variant Identification Aid. AVIA
DAFFDublin Arabic Film Festival. DAFF
EAEgyptian Arabic. EA
EAPBEarly Arabic Printed Books. EAPB


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