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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Archaeology. All abbreviations on this page are WAREP means World Anchors Reconstruction and Experimentation Project, WJAP means Wadi al Jizzi Archaeological Project, WOAM means Wet Organic Archaeological Materials, WUAA means Wisconsin Underwater Archeology Association, WUAA means Wisconsin Underwater Archeological Association, YAJ means Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, YB2K means Years before the year 2000 AD,

WAREPWorld Anchors Reconstruction and Experimentation Project. WAREP
WJAPWadi al Jizzi Archaeological Project. WJAP
WOAMWet Organic Archaeological Materials. WOAM
WUAAWisconsin Underwater Archeology Association. WUAA
WUAAWisconsin Underwater Archeological Association. WUAA
YAJYorkshire Archaeological Journal. YAJ
YB2KYears before the year 2000 AD. YB2K


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