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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Archaeology. All abbreviations on this page are ASAA means American Society for Amateur Archaeology, ASAPA means Association for Southern African Professional Archaeologists, ASAPA means Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists, ASCAR means Archaeological Site Condition Assessment Record, ASI means Archaeological Survey of India, ASSC means Archaeological Society of South Carolina, ASSF means Archaeological Society of Southern Florida, AWAA means Association for Women in Asian Archaeology, AZP means Archaeological Zoning Plan, BAAC means British Aviation Archaeological Council, BAF means Biblical Archaeology Forum, BAFS means Blackfriary Archaeology Field School, BAS means Biblical Archaeology Society, BASE means Bible Archaeology Search Exploration, BCE means Before Coptic Egypt, BEVARS means British Excavation Volunteers and Archaeological Research Society, BHAP means Baikal Hokkaido Archeology Project, BHAP means Baikal Hokkaido Archaeology Project, BIAB means British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography, BMAC means Bactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex,

ASAAAmerican Society for Amateur Archaeology. ASAA
ASAPAAssociation for Southern African Professional Archaeologists. ASAPA
ASAPAAssociation of Southern African Professional Archaeologists. ASAPA
ASCARArchaeological Site Condition Assessment Record. ASCAR
ASIArchaeological Survey of India. ASI
ASSCArchaeological Society of South Carolina. ASSC
ASSFArchaeological Society of Southern Florida. ASSF
AWAAAssociation for Women in Asian Archaeology. AWAA
AZPArchaeological Zoning Plan. AZP
BAACBritish Aviation Archaeological Council. BAAC
BAFBiblical Archaeology Forum. BAF
BAFSBlackfriary Archaeology Field School. BAFS
BASBiblical Archaeology Society. BAS
BASEBible Archaeology Search Exploration. BASE
BCEBefore Coptic Egypt. BCE
BEVARSBritish Excavation Volunteers and Archaeological Research Society. BEVARS
BHAPBaikal Hokkaido Archeology Project. BHAP
BHAPBaikal Hokkaido Archaeology Project. BHAP
BIABBritish and Irish Archaeological Bibliography. BIAB
BMACBactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex. BMAC


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