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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Astronomy. All abbreviations on this page are 11D means 11th Dimension, 4D means 4th Dimension, 5D means Fifth-Dimensional, A-GPS means Assisted Global Positioning System, A-GPS means Augmented Global Positioning System, AAA means Amateur Astronomers Association, AAAD means Amateur Astronomers Association of Delhi, AAAD means Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi, AAAM means Active Amateur Astronomers of Maryland, AAG means Amateur Astronomy Group, AAL means Astronomy Associates of Lawrence Astronomy Associates of Lawrence, AAS means American Astronautical Society, AAS means Archaeology, Astronautics, and Seti, AASC means Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee, AASI means Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois, AAT means Anglo Australian Telescope, AAV means Astronomical Analogue Video, AAVSO means American Association of Variable Star Observers, ABB means After the Big Bang, ABBA means ADC Backend For Bolometer Array,

11D11th Dimension. 11D
4D4th Dimension. 4D
5DFifth-Dimensional. 5D
A-GPSAssisted Global Positioning System. A-GPS
A-GPSAugmented Global Positioning System. A-GPS
AAAAmateur Astronomers Association. AAA
AAADAmateur Astronomers Association of Delhi. AAAD
AAADAmateur Astronomers Association Delhi. AAAD
AAAMActive Amateur Astronomers of Maryland. AAAM
AAGAmateur Astronomy Group. AAG
AALAstronomy Associates of Lawrence Astronomy Associates of Lawrence. AAL
AASAmerican Astronautical Society. AAS
AASArchaeology, Astronautics, and Seti. AAS
AASCAstronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee. AASC
AASIAstronomical Association of Southern Illinois. AASI
AATAnglo Australian Telescope. AAT
AAVAstronomical Analogue Video. AAV
AAVSOAmerican Association of Variable Star Observers. AAVSO
ABBAfter the Big Bang. ABB
ABBAADC Backend For Bolometer Array. ABBA


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