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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Auditing. All abbreviations on this page are AASC means Annual Audit Status Certification, AASC means Auditing and Assurance Standards Council, AMLAC means Anti Money Laundering Audit and Compliance, AMPT means Audit Misstatement Posting Threshold, BNAO means Bulgarian National Audit Office, CACF means Configuration Audit and Control Facility, CHAI means Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspections, CRM means Complaints Response Mechanism, CTF means Client Testing Facilities, DERAP means Dealer Environmental Risk Audit Programme, DICA means Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing, FBAP means Freight Bill Audit and Payment, GFSA means Global Food Safety Auditing, GNAA means Government and Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing, JRACC means Joint Risk Audit and Compliance Committee, MAFR means Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation, MATM means Multistate Audit Technique Manual, NAO means National Audit Office, OAS means Office of Audit Services, PAID means Payroll Audit Independent Determination,

AASCAnnual Audit Status Certification. AASC
AASCAuditing and Assurance Standards Council. AASC
AMLACAnti Money Laundering Audit and Compliance. AMLAC
AMPTAudit Misstatement Posting Threshold. AMPT
BNAOBulgarian National Audit Office. BNAO
CACFConfiguration Audit and Control Facility. CACF
CHAICommission for Healthcare Audit and Inspections. CHAI
CRMComplaints Response Mechanism. CRM
CTFClient Testing Facilities. CTF
DERAPDealer Environmental Risk Audit Programme. DERAP
DICADutch Institute for Clinical Auditing. DICA
FBAPFreight Bill Audit and Payment. FBAP
GFSAGlobal Food Safety Auditing. GFSA
GNAAGovernment and Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing. GNAA
JRACCJoint Risk Audit and Compliance Committee. JRACC
MAFRMandatory Audit Firm Rotation. MAFR
MATMMultistate Audit Technique Manual. MATM
NAONational Audit Office. NAO
OASOffice of Audit Services. OAS
PAIDPayroll Audit Independent Determination. PAID


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