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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Authorities. All abbreviations on this page are AAA means Authority Authorization AAA, AAA means Autonomous Administrative Authority, AAI means Airports Authority of India, AAIA means Air Accident Investigation Authority, AALA means Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority, AAOCC means Authority Accuracy Objectivity Currency and Coverage, AARA means Access and Amendment Refusal Authority, AATA means Arizona Automobile Theft Authority, ABCD means Authority Bias Coverage And Date, ABEI means Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information, ABIM means American Board of Internal Medicine, ABO means Authorities Budget Office, ABP means American Board of Paediatrics, ABRS means Authority of British Riding Schools, ACA means Allied Control Authority, ACA means Arizona Commerce Authority, ACAA means Ada Conformity Assessment Authority, Accident means Response, ACFA means Aged Care Financing Authority, ADEWA means Abu Dhabi Electricity and Water Authority,

AAAAuthority Authorization AAA. AAA
AAAAutonomous Administrative Authority. AAA
AAIAirports Authority of India. AAI
AAIAAir Accident Investigation Authority. AAIA
AALAAdventurous Activities Licensing Authority. AALA
AAOCCAuthority Accuracy Objectivity Currency and Coverage. AAOCC
AARAAccess and Amendment Refusal Authority. AARA
AATAArizona Automobile Theft Authority. AATA
ABCDAuthority Bias Coverage And Date. ABCD
ABEIAuthority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information. ABEI
ABIMAmerican Board of Internal Medicine. ABIM
ABOAuthorities Budget Office. ABO
ABPAmerican Board of Paediatrics. ABP
ABRSAuthority of British Riding Schools. ABRS
ACAAllied Control Authority. ACA
ACAArizona Commerce Authority. ACA
ACAAAda Conformity Assessment Authority. ACAA
AccidentResponse. Accident
ACFAAged Care Financing Authority. ACFA
ADEWAAbu Dhabi Electricity and Water Authority. ADEWA


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