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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Awards & Medals. All abbreviations on this page are 25K means 25K/Prize Money Offered By St. Louis, Missouri newspaper for first person to fly across the Atlantic nonstop:, AAA means Audax Altitude Award, AAA means Annual Alpha Awards, AABE means Annual Awards in Business Excellence, AABE means Annual Awards of Business Excellence, AABE means Annual Awards for Business Excellence, AACE means Annual Award for Communication Excellence, AAG means Award and Administration Guide, AALA means African American Leadership Awards, AAM means Army Achievement Medal, AAME means Army Award for Maintenance Excellence, AAP means American Architecture Prize, AASE means Advanced Award in Sporting Excellence, AASET means Award and Account Setup Expediting Team, AAYA means AKI Agents of the Year Awards, AAYE means Achievement Award for Young Engineers, ABBE means Awarding Body of the Built Environment, ABCD means Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, ABEA means American Business Ethics Award, ABK means Awards By Kay,

25K25K/Prize Money Offered By St. Louis, Missouri newspaper for first person to fly across the Atlantic nonstop:. 25K
AAAAudax Altitude Award. AAA
AAAAnnual Alpha Awards. AAA
AABEAnnual Awards in Business Excellence. AABE
AABEAnnual Awards of Business Excellence. AABE
AABEAnnual Awards for Business Excellence. AABE
AACEAnnual Award for Communication Excellence. AACE
AAGAward and Administration Guide. AAG
AALAAfrican American Leadership Awards. AALA
AAMArmy Achievement Medal. AAM
AAMEArmy Award for Maintenance Excellence. AAME
AAPAmerican Architecture Prize. AAP
AASEAdvanced Award in Sporting Excellence. AASE
AASETAward and Account Setup Expediting Team. AASET
AAYAAKI Agents of the Year Awards. AAYA
AAYEAchievement Award for Young Engineers. AAYE
ABBEAwarding Body of the Built Environment. ABBE
ABCDAbove and Beyond the Call of Duty. ABCD
ABEAAmerican Business Ethics Award. ABEA
ABKAwards By Kay. ABK


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