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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Baseball. All abbreviations on this page are 13U means Age thirteen and under, 1B means First baseman, 1B means First Base, 2B means Second baseman, 2B means Double, 2B means Second Base, 3B means Third baseman, 3B means Third Base, A means Assist, AAABA means American Amateur Athletic Baseball Association, AAABA means All American Amateur Baseball Association, AAB means Adjusted At Bats, AABA means All American Baseball Alliance, AABA means Alexandria Area Baseball Association, AABC means American Amateur Baseball Congress, AABP means Anglo American Baseball Project, AAGPBL means All American Girls Professional Baseball League, AB means At Bat, ABBA means Amateur Baseball Bond Aruba, ABCA means American Baseball Coaches Association,

13UAge thirteen and under. 13U
1BFirst baseman. 1B
1BFirst Base. 1B
2BSecond baseman. 2B
2BDouble. 2B
2BSecond Base. 2B
3BThird baseman. 3B
3BThird Base. 3B
AAssist. A
AAABAAmerican Amateur Athletic Baseball Association. AAABA
AAABAAll American Amateur Baseball Association. AAABA
AABAdjusted At Bats. AAB
AABAAll American Baseball Alliance. AABA
AABAAlexandria Area Baseball Association. AABA
AABCAmerican Amateur Baseball Congress. AABC
AABPAnglo American Baseball Project. AABP
AAGPBLAll American Girls Professional Baseball League. AAGPBL
ABAt Bat. AB
ABBAAmateur Baseball Bond Aruba. ABBA
ABCAAmerican Baseball Coaches Association. ABCA


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