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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Baseball. All abbreviations on this page are BB means BaseBall, BB means Base on Balls, BBB means Baseball Bat Bag, BBBA means Big Bad Baseball Annual, BBBB means BestGore Baseball Bats Beating, BBBL means Bambis Bombers Baseball League, BBBL means Big Bats Baseball League, BBBL means Bleacher Bums Baseball League, BBL means Backyard Baseball League, BBSA means Braidwood Baseball Softball Association, BBSA means Burlington Baseball and Softball Association, BBSA means Bloomingdale Baseball and Softball Association, BCBL means Beardsley Championship Baseball League, BCBL means Beach Collegiate Baseball League, BEAT means Baseball Editorials Analysis and Talk, BEST means Baseball Enthusiasts for Strategic Table games, BFIB means Best Fans in Baseball, BFIB means Best Farts In Baseball, BFJ means Baseball Federation Of Japan, BIG means Baseball Is Great,

BBBaseBall. BB
BBBase on Balls. BB
BBBBaseball Bat Bag. BBB
BBBABig Bad Baseball Annual. BBBA
BBBBBestGore Baseball Bats Beating. BBBB
BBBLBambis Bombers Baseball League. BBBL
BBBLBig Bats Baseball League. BBBL
BBBLBleacher Bums Baseball League. BBBL
BBLBackyard Baseball League. BBL
BBSABraidwood Baseball Softball Association. BBSA
BBSABurlington Baseball and Softball Association. BBSA
BBSABloomingdale Baseball and Softball Association. BBSA
BCBLBeardsley Championship Baseball League. BCBL
BCBLBeach Collegiate Baseball League. BCBL
BEATBaseball Editorials Analysis and Talk. BEAT
BESTBaseball Enthusiasts for Strategic Table games. BEST
BFIBBest Fans in Baseball. BFIB
BFIBBest Farts In Baseball. BFIB
BFJBaseball Federation Of Japan. BFJ
BIGBaseball Is Great. BIG


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