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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Basketball. All abbreviations on this page are 13764116 means 1984 Star Michael Jordan Autograph, 2GT means 2 Great Teams, AAB means All Amateur Basketball, AABC means Alaska Association of Basketball Coaches, ABA means Atwater Basketball Association, ABA means American Basketball Association, ABA means adriatic basketball association, ABA means American Basketball Association, ABBK means Askøy Basketball Klubb, ABL means ASEAN Basketball League, ABL means American Basketball League, ABL means Altamonte Basketball League, ABLA means Amateur Basketball League Arad, ABOA means Austin Basketball Officials Association, ABOA means Alberta Basketball Officials Association, ABVT means Arnis Basketball Volleyball and Taekwondo, ACBC means Aloha College Basketball Club, ACWB means Alvernia College Womens' Basketball, ADBL means Athletic Developmental Basketball League, ADBL means Athletic Development Basketball League,

137641161984 Star Michael Jordan Autograph. 13764116
2GT2 Great Teams. 2GT
AABAll Amateur Basketball. AAB
AABCAlaska Association of Basketball Coaches. AABC
ABAAtwater Basketball Association. ABA
ABAAmerican Basketball Association. ABA
ABAadriatic basketball association. ABA
ABAAmerican Basketball Association. ABA
ABBKAskøy Basketball Klubb. ABBK
ABLASEAN Basketball League. ABL
ABLAmerican Basketball League. ABL
ABLAltamonte Basketball League. ABL
ABLAAmateur Basketball League Arad. ABLA
ABOAAustin Basketball Officials Association. ABOA
ABOAAlberta Basketball Officials Association. ABOA
ABVTArnis Basketball Volleyball and Taekwondo. ABVT
ACBCAloha College Basketball Club. ACBC
ACWBAlvernia College Womens' Basketball. ACWB
ADBLAthletic Developmental Basketball League. ADBL
ADBLAthletic Development Basketball League. ADBL


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