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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Bible. All abbreviations on this page are ABF means Adult Bible Fellowships, ABF means Agoura Bible Fellowship, ABPI means ankle-brachial pressure index, ABSG means Adult Bible Study Guide, ACNT means Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament, ACOT means Ancient Context of the Old Testament, AGNT means Analytical Greek New Testament, ALBC means Abundant Life Bible Church, AOTB means Authorship of the Bible, APAP means Automatic Positive Airway Pressure, APSE means Associated Press Sports Editors, APTRA means Associated Press Television and Radio Association, AUBA means Africa University Bible Academy, BAAW means Bible as a Whole, BAM means Bible and Me, BART means Biblical Analysis and Research Tool, BASH means Bible Adventures Shaping Hearts, BB means Bible Bowl, BBE means Bible in Basic English, BBEA means Bible Believers Evangelistic Association,

ABFAdult Bible Fellowships. ABF
ABFAgoura Bible Fellowship. ABF
ABPIankle-brachial pressure index. ABPI
ABSGAdult Bible Study Guide. ABSG
ACNTAugsburg Commentary on the New Testament. ACNT
ACOTAncient Context of the Old Testament. ACOT
AGNTAnalytical Greek New Testament. AGNT
ALBCAbundant Life Bible Church. ALBC
AOTBAuthorship of the Bible. AOTB
APAPAutomatic Positive Airway Pressure. APAP
APSEAssociated Press Sports Editors. APSE
APTRAAssociated Press Television and Radio Association. APTRA
AUBAAfrica University Bible Academy. AUBA
BAAWBible as a Whole. BAAW
BAMBible and Me. BAM
BARTBiblical Analysis and Research Tool. BART
BASHBible Adventures Shaping Hearts. BASH
BBBible Bowl. BB
BBEBible in Basic English. BBE
BBEABible Believers Evangelistic Association. BBEA


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