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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Biology. All abbreviations on this page are 3DI means Conscious, A1AT means alpha-1-antitrypsin, A1C means Glycated Hemoglobin, A2N means Anaerobic-Anoxic/Nitrification, AA means amino acid, AABE means Asian Association for Biology Education, AABS means Autoantibodies, AAM means American Academy of Microbiology, AAMB means All About Molecular Biology, AAMCC means American Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics, AAOB means Aerobic Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria, AAOB means Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidizing Bacteria, ABATS means Automated Biological Agent Testing System, ABBM means Adipose Biology Basic Mechanisms, ABCD means Access to Biological Collection Data, ABEB means Aquatic Behavioural Evolutionary Biology, ABI means Advances in Biological Informatics, ABL means Advanced Biological Laboratories, ABLE means Academic Biology Learning Environment, ABM means Applied Biological Materials,

3DIConscious. 3DI
A1ATalpha-1-antitrypsin. A1AT
A1CGlycated Hemoglobin. A1C
A2NAnaerobic-Anoxic/Nitrification. A2N
AAamino acid. AA
AABEAsian Association for Biology Education. AABE
AABSAutoantibodies. AABS
AAMAmerican Academy of Microbiology. AAM
AAMBAll About Molecular Biology. AAMB
AAMCCAmerican Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics. AAMCC
AAOBAerobic Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria. AAOB
AAOBAnaerobic Ammonium Oxidizing Bacteria. AAOB
ABATSAutomated Biological Agent Testing System. ABATS
ABBMAdipose Biology Basic Mechanisms. ABBM
ABCDAccess to Biological Collection Data. ABCD
ABEBAquatic Behavioural Evolutionary Biology. ABEB
ABIAdvances in Biological Informatics. ABI
ABLAdvanced Biological Laboratories. ABL
ABLEAcademic Biology Learning Environment. ABLE
ABMApplied Biological Materials. ABM


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