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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Botany. All abbreviations on this page are AABC means Australian Associated Bonsai Clubs, AACC means Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada, AB means Apple Blossom, ABA means African Bonsai Association, ABA means ABscissic Acid, ABA means Abscisic Acid, ABC means American Botanical Council, ABCD means Access to Biological Collections Data, ABCP means African Blackwood Conservation Project, ABE means Anomalous Biological Entity, ABF means Activated Biofilter, ABG means Atlanta Botanical Gardens, ABIS means Andean Botanical Information System, ABLS means American Bryological and Lichenological Society, ABRS means Australian Biological Resources Study, ABS means American Bryological Society, ABS means American Begonia Society, ABS means American Bonsai Society, ACA means American Chichlid Association, ACCP means Accelerated Canopy Chemistry Program,

AABCAustralian Associated Bonsai Clubs. AABC
AACCAvicultural Advancement Council of Canada. AACC
ABApple Blossom. AB
ABAAfrican Bonsai Association. ABA
ABAABscissic Acid. ABA
ABAAbscisic Acid. ABA
ABCAmerican Botanical Council. ABC
ABCDAccess to Biological Collections Data. ABCD
ABCPAfrican Blackwood Conservation Project. ABCP
ABEAnomalous Biological Entity. ABE
ABFActivated Biofilter. ABF
ABGAtlanta Botanical Gardens. ABG
ABISAndean Botanical Information System. ABIS
ABLSAmerican Bryological and Lichenological Society. ABLS
ABRSAustralian Biological Resources Study. ABRS
ABSAmerican Bryological Society. ABS
ABSAmerican Begonia Society. ABS
ABSAmerican Bonsai Society. ABS
ACAAmerican Chichlid Association. ACA
ACCPAccelerated Canopy Chemistry Program. ACCP


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