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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Bowling. All abbreviations on this page are ABC means American Bowling Congress, ABF means Asian Bowling Federation, ABNL means Asociación de Boliche de Nuevo León, AGBC means Artha Gading Bowling Centre, AIBC means Asian Intercity Bowling Championship, AMBL means Alien Monster Bowling League, ASBP means After School Bowling Program, BAPS means Bowling After Priesthood Session, BBA means Bahrain Bowling Association, BBBI means Bowling Business Builders International, BBI means Best Bowling in Innings, BBIA means Billiard and Bowling Institute of America, BBK means Bowling Bag Killer, BBM means Best Bowling in Match, BCAF means Bowling Centers Association of Florida, BCAM means Bowling Centers Association of Michigan, BCAO means Bowling Centers Association of Ohio, BCSC means Bowling Centers of Southern California, BCTB means Bowling Club Thonon les bains, BFR means Bowling for Rhinos,

ABCAmerican Bowling Congress. ABC
ABFAsian Bowling Federation. ABF
ABNLAsociación de Boliche de Nuevo León. ABNL
AGBCArtha Gading Bowling Centre. AGBC
AIBCAsian Intercity Bowling Championship. AIBC
AMBLAlien Monster Bowling League. AMBL
ASBPAfter School Bowling Program. ASBP
BAPSBowling After Priesthood Session. BAPS
BBABahrain Bowling Association. BBA
BBBIBowling Business Builders International. BBBI
BBIBest Bowling in Innings. BBI
BBIABilliard and Bowling Institute of America. BBIA
BBKBowling Bag Killer. BBK
BBMBest Bowling in Match. BBM
BCAFBowling Centers Association of Florida. BCAF
BCAMBowling Centers Association of Michigan. BCAM
BCAOBowling Centers Association of Ohio. BCAO
BCSCBowling Centers of Southern California. BCSC
BCTBBowling Club Thonon les bains. BCTB
BFRBowling for Rhinos. BFR


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