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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym British Degree. All abbreviations on this page are AgrB means Bachelor of Agriculture, BA(Admin) means Bachelor of Arts in Administration, BA(FS) means Bachelor of Arts in Financial Studies, BAcc means Bachelor of Accounting, BACom means Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, BAdmin means Bachelor of Administration, BAE means Bachelor of Arts and Economics, BAEcon means Bachelor of Arts in Economics, BAgr means Bachelor of Agriculture, BAH means Bachelor of Animal Health, BAI means Bachelor of Engineering (Arte Ingeniaria), BAI means Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, BAI means Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, BALaw means Bachelor of Arts on Law, BAO means Bachelor of Obstetrics (Arte Obstetricia), BAppSc means Bachelor of Applied Science, BArchSc means Bachelor of Architectural Science, BARelSt means Bachelor of Arts on Religious Studies, BASc means Bachelor of Arts and Science, BASoc means Bachelor of Arts in Sociology,

AgrBBachelor of Agriculture. AgrB
BA(Admin)Bachelor of Arts in Administration. BA(Admin)
BA(FS)Bachelor of Arts in Financial Studies. BA(FS)
BAccBachelor of Accounting. BAcc
BAComBachelor of Arts in Commerce. BACom
BAdminBachelor of Administration. BAdmin
BAEBachelor of Arts and Economics. BAE
BAEconBachelor of Arts in Economics. BAEcon
BAgrBachelor of Agriculture. BAgr
BAHBachelor of Animal Health. BAH
BAIBachelor of Engineering (Arte Ingeniaria). BAI
BAIBachelor of Electrical Engineering. BAI
BAIBachelor of Mechanical Engineering. BAI
BALawBachelor of Arts on Law. BALaw
BAOBachelor of Obstetrics (Arte Obstetricia). BAO
BAppScBachelor of Applied Science. BAppSc
BArchScBachelor of Architectural Science. BArchSc
BARelStBachelor of Arts on Religious Studies. BARelSt
BAScBachelor of Arts and Science. BASc
BASocBachelor of Arts in Sociology. BASoc


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