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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym British. All abbreviations on this page are 3P means Public-private partnership, AAGB means Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain, AAGB means Anabantoid Association of Great Britain, ABCAP means Association of British Coumbia Animation Producers, ABCD means American British Chinese Dutch, ABCDE means Association of British Columbia Drama Educators, ABCP means Association of British Chinese Professors, ABD means American British Dutch, ABDA means American British Dutch and Australia, ABEI means Association of British Engineers in Italy, ABGB means Amalgamated Beverages Great Britain, ABHI means Association of British HealthTech Industries, ABIA means Association of British Introduction Agencies, ABIC means Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst, ABLISS means Association of British Library and Information Science Schools, ABMA means Arlington British Medical Academy, ABP means Associated British Ports, ABRS means Authority of British Riding Schools, ABRSM means Association of British Royal Schools of Music, ABSA means Affiliated British Sleddog Activities,

3PPublic-private partnership. 3P
AAGBAssociation of Anaesthetists of Great Britain. AAGB
AAGBAnabantoid Association of Great Britain. AAGB
ABCAPAssociation of British Coumbia Animation Producers. ABCAP
ABCDAmerican British Chinese Dutch. ABCD
ABCDEAssociation of British Columbia Drama Educators. ABCDE
ABCPAssociation of British Chinese Professors. ABCP
ABDAmerican British Dutch. ABD
ABDAAmerican British Dutch and Australia. ABDA
ABEIAssociation of British Engineers in Italy. ABEI
ABGBAmalgamated Beverages Great Britain. ABGB
ABHIAssociation of British HealthTech Industries. ABHI
ABIAAssociation of British Introduction Agencies. ABIA
ABICAustralian British Infrastructure Catalyst. ABIC
ABLISSAssociation of British Library and Information Science Schools. ABLISS
ABMAArlington British Medical Academy. ABMA
ABPAssociated British Ports. ABP
ABRSAuthority of British Riding Schools. ABRS
ABRSMAssociation of British Royal Schools of Music. ABRSM
ABSAAffiliated British Sleddog Activities. ABSA


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