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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Bureaus. All abbreviations on this page are BBE means Bureau of Business Enterprise, BBER means Bureau of Business Economic Research, BBFM means Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management, BBFS means Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Support, BBH means Bureau of Behavioral Health, BBI means Bureau of Building Inspection, BBI means BJP Bureau of Investigation, BBR means Bureau of Business Research, BBS means Bureau of Bingo Statistics, BBVS means Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services, BCA means Bureau of Contract Administration, BCAS means Bureau of Custom Aviation Security, BCAS means Bureau of Civil Aircraft Security, BCB means Beauty Consultants Bureau, BCC means Bureau of Cannabis Control, BCER means Bureau of Compensation and Employment Relations, BCEW means Bureau of Curriculum and Extension Wing, BCF means Bureau for Children and Families, BCIA means Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis, BCJ means Bureau de Coordination des Jeunes,

BBEBureau of Business Enterprise. BBE
BBERBureau of Business Economic Research. BBER
BBFMBureau of Budget and Fiscal Management. BBFM
BBFSBureau of Budget and Fiscal Support. BBFS
BBHBureau of Behavioral Health. BBH
BBIBureau of Building Inspection. BBI
BBIBJP Bureau of Investigation. BBI
BBRBureau of Business Research. BBR
BBSBureau of Bingo Statistics. BBS
BBVSBureau of Blindness and Visual Services. BBVS
BCABureau of Contract Administration. BCA
BCASBureau of Custom Aviation Security. BCAS
BCASBureau of Civil Aircraft Security. BCAS
BCBBeauty Consultants Bureau. BCB
BCCBureau of Cannabis Control. BCC
BCERBureau of Compensation and Employment Relations. BCER
BCEWBureau of Curriculum and Extension Wing. BCEW
BCFBureau for Children and Families. BCF
BCIABureau of Criminal Information and Analysis. BCIA
BCJBureau de Coordination des Jeunes. BCJ


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