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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Campus. All abbreviations on this page are AACM means Asian American Campus Ministry, ACCB means All Campus Commuter Board, ACCORD means All Campus Collaborative on Outreach Research and Dissemination, ACDO means Assistant Campus Diversity Officer, ACJC means All Campus Judicial Council, ACORN means Accessible Campus Online Resource Network, ACPD means Auraria Campus Police Department, ACWR means Americans Committed to World Responsibility, AIIC means Aalto Industrial Internet Campus, AKM means Atatürk Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi, ARCC means Advancing Research Computing on Campuses, ASCA means After School Campus Academy, ASEC means Adolescent Services Enfield Campus, BACM means Bay Area Campus Ministry, BCCG means Beaconhouse College Campus Gulberg, BCF means Bethel Campus Fellowship, BCLC means Bryan Campus Life Center, BCM means Black Campus Ministries, BCM means Baptist Campus Ministries, BKC means Biwako Kusatsu Campus,

AACMAsian American Campus Ministry. AACM
ACCBAll Campus Commuter Board. ACCB
ACCORDAll Campus Collaborative on Outreach Research and Dissemination. ACCORD
ACDOAssistant Campus Diversity Officer. ACDO
ACJCAll Campus Judicial Council. ACJC
ACORNAccessible Campus Online Resource Network. ACORN
ACPDAuraria Campus Police Department. ACPD
ACWRAmericans Committed to World Responsibility. ACWR
AIICAalto Industrial Internet Campus. AIIC
AKMAtatürk Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi. AKM
ARCCAdvancing Research Computing on Campuses. ARCC
ASCAAfter School Campus Academy. ASCA
ASECAdolescent Services Enfield Campus. ASEC
BACMBay Area Campus Ministry. BACM
BCCGBeaconhouse College Campus Gulberg. BCCG
BCFBethel Campus Fellowship. BCF
BCLCBryan Campus Life Center. BCLC
BCMBlack Campus Ministries. BCM
BCMBaptist Campus Ministries. BCM
BKCBiwako Kusatsu Campus. BKC


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