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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Cancer. All abbreviations on this page are TABC means Tennis Against Breast Cancer, TAC means Teenage Awareness of Cancer, TACL means Taking Aim at Cancer in Louisiana, TAM means Tumor Associated Macrophages, TAM means Tumor Associated Macrophage, TBCC means Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition, TCAF means Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, TCC means Transitional Cell Carcinoma, TCCC means Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative, TCCCC means Tennessee Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition, TCCL means Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia, TCCP means Total Cancer Care Program, TCIB means Targeting Cancer In Blacks, TCIF means Translational Cancer Imaging Facility, TCIN means Thai Cancer Information Network, TCMA means The Cancer Mitochondrial Atlas, TCR means Texas Cancer Registry, TCRF means Tower Cancer Research Foundation, TCRN means Translational Cancer Research Network, TCRN means TIES Cancer Research Network,

TABCTennis Against Breast Cancer. TABC
TACTeenage Awareness of Cancer. TAC
TACLTaking Aim at Cancer in Louisiana. TACL
TAMTumor Associated Macrophages. TAM
TAMTumor Associated Macrophage. TAM
TBCCTennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. TBCC
TCAFTesticular Cancer Awareness Foundation. TCAF
TCCTransitional Cell Carcinoma. TCC
TCCCThyroid Cancer Care Collaborative. TCCC
TCCCCTennessee Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition. TCCCC
TCCLTayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia. TCCL
TCCPTotal Cancer Care Program. TCCP
TCIBTargeting Cancer In Blacks. TCIB
TCIFTranslational Cancer Imaging Facility. TCIF
TCINThai Cancer Information Network. TCIN
TCMAThe Cancer Mitochondrial Atlas. TCMA
TCRTexas Cancer Registry. TCR
TCRFTower Cancer Research Foundation. TCRF
TCRNTranslational Cancer Research Network. TCRN
TCRNTIES Cancer Research Network. TCRN


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