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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Cancer. All abbreviations on this page are VCCC means Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, VCSS means Veterinary Cancer Surgery Specialists, VECC means Van Elslander Cancer Center, VFCR means Victorian Family Cancer Register, VICC means Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center, VICC means Variant Interpretation for Cancer Consortium, VLCR means Victorian Lung Cancer Registry, VOCP means Voice Of Cancer Patients, WAAC means Wargamers All Against Cancer, WACKY means War Against Cancer in Kids and Young, WACKY means Warriors Against Cancer in Kids Young, WBCC means Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition, WBCD means World Blood Cancer Day, WCD means World Cancer Day, WCLS means World Cancer Leaders' Summit, WCPP means Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project, WCRA means Wisconsin Cancer Registrars Association, WCRFI means World Cancer Research Fund International, WCRS means Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System, WCTC means World Congress on Thyroid Cancer,

VCCCVictorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. VCCC
VCSSVeterinary Cancer Surgery Specialists. VCSS
VECCVan Elslander Cancer Center. VECC
VFCRVictorian Family Cancer Register. VFCR
VICCVanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center. VICC
VICCVariant Interpretation for Cancer Consortium. VICC
VLCRVictorian Lung Cancer Registry. VLCR
VOCPVoice Of Cancer Patients. VOCP
WAACWargamers All Against Cancer. WAAC
WACKYWar Against Cancer in Kids and Young. WACKY
WACKYWarriors Against Cancer in Kids Young. WACKY
WBCCWisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition. WBCC
WBCDWorld Blood Cancer Day. WBCD
WCDWorld Cancer Day. WCD
WCLSWorld Cancer Leaders' Summit. WCLS
WCPPWellesley Cancer Prevention Project. WCPP
WCRAWisconsin Cancer Registrars Association. WCRA
WCRFIWorld Cancer Research Fund International. WCRFI
WCRSWisconsin Cancer Reporting System. WCRS
WCTCWorld Congress on Thyroid Cancer. WCTC


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