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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Charity. All abbreviations on this page are 6GSW means 6 Gates City's Social Welfare, AAKH means Aik Allah Kaafi Hay (Pakistan), ACNC means Australian Charities and NFPs Commission, ACTT means Avila Charity Tennis Tournament, ADCF means Apple Daily Charitable Foundation, ADfam means Alchol,Drugs,family, AED means Aide à l'Eglise en Détresse, AESN means Association for the Educationally Subnormal, AFCG means Arlington Fire Charitable Group, AIAC means Associated Italian American Charities, AIC means Association Internationale des Charities, AICL means Amnesty International Charity Limited, AIMS means Association for Improvements in Maternity Services, ALCF means Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation, ALCF means Armenian Lighthouse Charitable Foundation, ALCH means American Legion Children's Home, ALSAC means American Lebanese and Syrian Associated Charities, AMEND means Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders, ARHC means Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, AURA means Anglican United Refugee Alliance,

6GSW6 Gates City's Social Welfare. 6GSW
AAKHAik Allah Kaafi Hay (Pakistan). AAKH
ACNCAustralian Charities and NFPs Commission. ACNC
ACTTAvila Charity Tennis Tournament. ACTT
ADCFApple Daily Charitable Foundation. ADCF
ADfamAlchol,Drugs,family. ADfam
AEDAide à l'Eglise en Détresse. AED
AESNAssociation for the Educationally Subnormal. AESN
AFCGArlington Fire Charitable Group. AFCG
AIACAssociated Italian American Charities. AIAC
AICAssociation Internationale des Charities. AIC
AICLAmnesty International Charity Limited. AICL
AIMSAssociation for Improvements in Maternity Services. AIMS
ALCFAlex Lowe Charitable Foundation. ALCF
ALCFArmenian Lighthouse Charitable Foundation. ALCF
ALCHAmerican Legion Children's Home. ALCH
ALSACAmerican Lebanese and Syrian Associated Charities. ALSAC
AMENDAssociation for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders. AMEND
ARHCArthur Rank Hospice Charity. ARHC
AURAAnglican United Refugee Alliance. AURA


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