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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Chess. All abbreviations on this page are 0-0 means Castling Kingside, 0-0-0 means Castling Queenside, AACA means All Assam Chess Association, ACC means Arizona Chess Central, ACFI means Arizona Chess Federation, Inc., AFC means Americas Foundation for Chess, AFICS means American Free Internet Chess Server, AICE means Artificially Intelligent Chess Engine, AICF means All India Chess Federation, AICS means American Internet Chess Server, ALAC means Almighty Loser At Chess, AOA means All Other Activities, AOCA means All Odisha Chess Association, APCA means Andhra Pradesh Chess Association, ASCA means Arkansas Scholastic Chess Association, ASPCC means All Service Postal Chess Club, ♘ means knight, ♖ means rook, ♗ means bishop, ♔ means king,

0-0Castling Kingside. 0-0
0-0-0Castling Queenside. 0-0-0
AACAAll Assam Chess Association. AACA
ACCArizona Chess Central. ACC
ACFIArizona Chess Federation, Inc.. ACFI
AFCAmericas Foundation for Chess. AFC
AFICSAmerican Free Internet Chess Server. AFICS
AICEArtificially Intelligent Chess Engine. AICE
AICFAll India Chess Federation. AICF
AICSAmerican Internet Chess Server. AICS
ALACAlmighty Loser At Chess. ALAC
AOAAll Other Activities. AOA
AOCAAll Odisha Chess Association. AOCA
APCAAndhra Pradesh Chess Association. APCA
ASCAArkansas Scholastic Chess Association. ASCA
ASPCCAll Service Postal Chess Club. ASPCC


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