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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Churches. All abbreviations on this page are AACCC means Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church, AAIF means American Association of Interchurch Families, AAOCC means American Apostolic Old Catholic Church, ABCIS means American Baptist Churches Information Systems, ABLC means Appointed Beyond Local Congregation, ACAC means Allegheny Center Alliance Church, ACAC means Allied Churches of Alamance County, ACAC means Allied Churches of Alamance, ACAD means Associated Churches Active in Disaster, ACAN means Asbury Church Assistance Network, ACBA means Academy of Church Business Administration, ACCA means Antiochian Catholic Church in America, ACCC means Atlanta Chinese Christian Church, ACCM means Apostolic Christian Church Missions, ACCR means Accelerating Catholic Church Reform, ACCT means Aldersgate Church Community Theater, ACDCM means Archbishop of Canterbury's Diploma in Church Music, ACEST means Aldershot Church of England Services Trust, ACGS means Anglican Church Grammar School, ACIC means Anglican Church International Communion,

AACCCAnn Arbor Chinese Christian Church. AACCC
AAIFAmerican Association of Interchurch Families. AAIF
AAOCCAmerican Apostolic Old Catholic Church. AAOCC
ABCISAmerican Baptist Churches Information Systems. ABCIS
ABLCAppointed Beyond Local Congregation. ABLC
ACACAllegheny Center Alliance Church. ACAC
ACACAllied Churches of Alamance County. ACAC
ACACAllied Churches of Alamance. ACAC
ACADAssociated Churches Active in Disaster. ACAD
ACANAsbury Church Assistance Network. ACAN
ACBAAcademy of Church Business Administration. ACBA
ACCAAntiochian Catholic Church in America. ACCA
ACCCAtlanta Chinese Christian Church. ACCC
ACCMApostolic Christian Church Missions. ACCM
ACCRAccelerating Catholic Church Reform. ACCR
ACCTAldersgate Church Community Theater. ACCT
ACDCMArchbishop of Canterbury's Diploma in Church Music. ACDCM
ACESTAldershot Church of England Services Trust. ACEST
ACGSAnglican Church Grammar School. ACGS
ACICAnglican Church International Communion. ACIC


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