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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Cities. All abbreviations on this page are 1, means Onekama, Michigan, AACCC means Alamo Area Clean Cities Coalition, ABOC means Alabama Board of Cosmetology, ABQ means Albuquerque, ACGI means African Cities Growth Index, ACSC means Atmos Cities Steering Committee, ACVN means Association of Cities in Viet Nam, ADA means Adana Armenia, AF means Atlanta-Fulton, AFC means Art Fair City, ALY. means alley (Postal Service Standard Suffix Abbreviation), APCS means Asia Pacific Cities Summit, ASQC means Autism Society of the Quad Cities, AUC means Association of Ukrainian Cities, BC means Bayou City, BC means Bay City, BCCC means Beach Cities Cycling Club, BCHC means Big Cities Health Coalition, BCIS means Beach Cities Interfaith Services, BCMC means Beach Cities Mustang Club,

1,Onekama, Michigan. 1,
AACCCAlamo Area Clean Cities Coalition. AACCC
ABOCAlabama Board of Cosmetology. ABOC
ABQAlbuquerque. ABQ
ACGIAfrican Cities Growth Index. ACGI
ACSCAtmos Cities Steering Committee. ACSC
ACVNAssociation of Cities in Viet Nam. ACVN
ADAAdana Armenia. ADA
AFAtlanta-Fulton. AF
AFCArt Fair City. AFC
ALY.alley (Postal Service Standard Suffix Abbreviation). ALY.
APCSAsia Pacific Cities Summit. APCS
ASQCAutism Society of the Quad Cities. ASQC
AUCAssociation of Ukrainian Cities. AUC
BCBayou City. BC
BCBay City. BC
BCCCBeach Cities Cycling Club. BCCC
BCHCBig Cities Health Coalition. BCHC
BCISBeach Cities Interfaith Services. BCIS
BCMCBeach Cities Mustang Club. BCMC


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