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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Civic & Municipal. All abbreviations on this page are AAMC means Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks, ACCE means Arts Culture and Civic Engagement, ACCORD means Artists Contributing to Civic Oriented and Responsive Democracy, ACR means Adverse Character Role, AFSCME means American Federation of State City and Municipal Employees, AMEU means Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities, AMIP means Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program, AMP means American Municipal Power, AMTS means Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service, AMTS means Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Services, AMU means Algona Municipal Utilities, AMU means Atlantic Municipal Utilities, AMU means Anoka Municipal Utility, ANML means Alliant National Municipal Liability, AOMC means Accredited Ontario Municipal Clerk, APAMO means Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials, APCA means Ansley Park Civic Assoc, ATC means Alcohol and Tobacco Control, BCAR means Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps, BCDC means Boston Civic Design Commission,

AAMCAlaska Association of Municipal Clerks. AAMC
ACCEArts Culture and Civic Engagement. ACCE
ACCORDArtists Contributing to Civic Oriented and Responsive Democracy. ACCORD
ACRAdverse Character Role. ACR
AFSCMEAmerican Federation of State City and Municipal Employees. AFSCME
AMEUAssociation of Municipal Electricity Utilities. AMEU
AMIPAlberta Municipal Infrastructure Program. AMIP
AMPAmerican Municipal Power. AMP
AMTSAhmedabad Municipal Transport Service. AMTS
AMTSAhmedabad Municipal Transport Services. AMTS
AMUAlgona Municipal Utilities. AMU
AMUAtlantic Municipal Utilities. AMU
AMUAnoka Municipal Utility. AMU
ANMLAlliant National Municipal Liability. ANML
AOMCAccredited Ontario Municipal Clerk. AOMC
APAMOAsian Pacific American Municipal Officials. APAMO
APCAAnsley Park Civic Assoc. APCA
ATCAlcohol and Tobacco Control. ATC
BCARBuffalo Civic Auto Ramps. BCAR
BCDCBoston Civic Design Commission. BCDC


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