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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Civic & Municipal. All abbreviations on this page are AAMC means Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks, ACCE means Arts Culture and Civic Engagement, ACCEC means African-Canadian Civic Engagement Council, ACCORD means Artists Contributing to Civic Oriented and Responsive Democracy, ACR means Adverse Character Role, AFSCME means American Federation of State City and Municipal Employees, AJMC means Ampang Jaya Municipal Council, AMCA means Arizona Municipal Clerks Association, AMEA means Alberta Municipal Enforcement Association, AMEA means Anaheim Municipal Employees Association, AMEU means Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities, AMFC means Alberta Municipal Financing Corporation, AMFL means Archive on Municipal Finance and Leadership, AMIP means Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program, AMP means American Municipal Power, AMP means Alameda Municipal Power, AMSD means Aztec Municipal School District, AMSW means Aged Municipal Solid Waste, AMTS means Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service, AMTS means Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Services,

AAMCAlaska Association of Municipal Clerks. AAMC
ACCEArts Culture and Civic Engagement. ACCE
ACCECAfrican-Canadian Civic Engagement Council. ACCEC
ACCORDArtists Contributing to Civic Oriented and Responsive Democracy. ACCORD
ACRAdverse Character Role. ACR
AFSCMEAmerican Federation of State City and Municipal Employees. AFSCME
AJMCAmpang Jaya Municipal Council. AJMC
AMCAArizona Municipal Clerks Association. AMCA
AMEAAlberta Municipal Enforcement Association. AMEA
AMEAAnaheim Municipal Employees Association. AMEA
AMEUAssociation of Municipal Electricity Utilities. AMEU
AMFCAlberta Municipal Financing Corporation. AMFC
AMFLArchive on Municipal Finance and Leadership. AMFL
AMIPAlberta Municipal Infrastructure Program. AMIP
AMPAmerican Municipal Power. AMP
AMPAlameda Municipal Power. AMP
AMSDAztec Municipal School District. AMSD
AMSWAged Municipal Solid Waste. AMSW
AMTSAhmedabad Municipal Transport Service. AMTS
AMTSAhmedabad Municipal Transport Services. AMTS


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