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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Climate. All abbreviations on this page are ACACIA means Arid Climate Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa, ACASA means Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association, ACC means Automatic Climate Control, ACIS means Applied Climate Information System, ACME means Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy, ACPC means Aerosols Clouds Precipitation and Climate, ACSIS means Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study, AGCC means Anthropogenic Global Climate Change, AIRCA means Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture, AOGCM means Atmosphere Ocean Global Climate Model, AOPC means Atmospheric Observations Panel For Climate, APCCU means Air Pollution and Climate Change Unit, APCV means Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability, AQCI means Air quality climate interactions, AR6 means Sixth Assessment Report, ARD means Agricultural research for development, ASAC means Applied Sciences Advisory Committee, ASI means Airspeed Indicator, ATAC means All Terrain All Climate, ATOC means Ageacoustic Thermometry Of Ocean Climate,

ACACIAArid Climate Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa. ACACIA
ACASAAtlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association. ACASA
ACCAutomatic Climate Control. ACC
ACISApplied Climate Information System. ACIS
ACMEAccelerated Climate Modeling for Energy. ACME
ACPCAerosols Clouds Precipitation and Climate. ACPC
ACSISAtlantic Climate System Integrated Study. ACSIS
AGCCAnthropogenic Global Climate Change. AGCC
AIRCAAssociation of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture. AIRCA
AOGCMAtmosphere Ocean Global Climate Model. AOGCM
AOPCAtmospheric Observations Panel For Climate. AOPC
APCCUAir Pollution and Climate Change Unit. APCCU
APCVAntarctic Peninsula Climate Variability. APCV
AQCIAir quality climate interactions. AQCI
AR6Sixth Assessment Report. AR6
ARDAgricultural research for development. ARD
ASACApplied Sciences Advisory Committee. ASAC
ASIAirspeed Indicator. ASI
ATACAll Terrain All Climate. ATAC
ATOCAgeacoustic Thermometry Of Ocean Climate. ATOC


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