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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Clothes. All abbreviations on this page are 1MX means First Men's Express Shirt, 5PS means Five Piece Suit, A means Apron, A means Accessory, AAFA means American Apparel and Footwear Association, AAMA means American Apparel Manufacture Association, AB means Adult Baby, ABC means Anything But Clothes, ABJ means Apple Bottom Jeans, ABU means Airman Battle Uniform, ACC means Accessories, ACCY means Accessory, ACNE means Ambition to Create Novel Expressions, ACTF means Apparel Color and Trend Forecasting, ADIDAS means All Day I Dream About Shoes, AE means American Eagle Outfitters, AES means Anti-Embolic Stockings, AFPH means AFroPlugHouse, AFSB means All Four Shoulder Buttons, AGF means Alt Gothic Fashion,

1MXFirst Men's Express Shirt. 1MX
5PSFive Piece Suit. 5PS
AApron. A
AAccessory. A
AAFAAmerican Apparel and Footwear Association. AAFA
AAMAAmerican Apparel Manufacture Association. AAMA
ABAdult Baby. AB
ABCAnything But Clothes. ABC
ABJApple Bottom Jeans. ABJ
ABUAirman Battle Uniform. ABU
ACCAccessories. ACC
ACCYAccessory. ACCY
ACNEAmbition to Create Novel Expressions. ACNE
ACTFApparel Color and Trend Forecasting. ACTF
ADIDASAll Day I Dream About Shoes. ADIDAS
AEAmerican Eagle Outfitters. AE
AESAnti-Embolic Stockings. AES
AFSBAll Four Shoulder Buttons. AFSB
AGFAlt Gothic Fashion. AGF


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