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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Colors. All abbreviations on this page are BSC means British Standard Colors, BT means Bright Transparent, BTB means Burnt Transparent Blue, BURG means Burgundy, BV means Black Vinyl, BV means Black Version, BVD means Browned Very Deeply, BW means Black / White, BW means Black Wall, BW means Blue-White, BWC means Black, White, and Color, C means Colored, C means Color, C means Cyan, CAD means Color Asymmetry Diagram, CAG means Congo African Grey, CB means Chromakey Blue, CBGR means Colored Braid Group Representation, CBWH means Columbia Blue/ White, CC means Color Classic,

BSCBritish Standard Colors. BSC
BTBright Transparent. BT
BTBBurnt Transparent Blue. BTB
BURGBurgundy. BURG
BVBlack Vinyl. BV
BVBlack Version. BV
BVDBrowned Very Deeply. BVD
BWBlack / White. BW
BWBlack Wall. BW
BWBlue-White. BW
BWCBlack, White, and Color. BWC
CColored. C
CColor. C
CCyan. C
CADColor Asymmetry Diagram. CAD
CAGCongo African Grey. CAG
CBChromakey Blue. CB
CBGRColored Braid Group Representation. CBGR
CBWHColumbia Blue/ White. CBWH
CCColor Classic. CC


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