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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Committees. All abbreviations on this page are AAC means Attendance Area Committee, AACCI means Ashtabula Area College Committee Inc, AAFEC means Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee, AAMCC means American Association of Museums Curators Committee, AAOC means Athletic and Academic Oversight Committee, AAOC means Athletic Academic Oversight Committee, AASC means Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee, ABEC means Annular Bearing Engineers Committee, ABOC means Audit and Budget Oversight Committee, ABRC means Arkansas Bird Records Committee, ACAPS means Assessment Committee Application Processing System, ACAUT means Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation, ACAV means Action Committee against Violence, ACCAC means Academic Council Committee for Academic Centres, ACCCs means Assembly Constituency Congress Committees, ACCTS means Advisory Committee on Clinical and Translational Science, ACDR means AIDS Committee of Durham Region, ACEC means Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility, ACFR means Advisory Committee on Fishery Reasearch, ACFR means Advisory Committee on Fisheries Research,

AACAttendance Area Committee. AAC
AACCIAshtabula Area College Committee Inc. AACCI
AAFECAffirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee. AAFEC
AAMCCAmerican Association of Museums Curators Committee. AAMCC
AAOCAthletic and Academic Oversight Committee. AAOC
AAOCAthletic Academic Oversight Committee. AAOC
AASCAstronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee. AASC
ABECAnnular Bearing Engineers Committee. ABEC
ABOCAudit and Budget Oversight Committee. ABOC
ABRCArkansas Bird Records Committee. ABRC
ACAPSAssessment Committee Application Processing System. ACAPS
ACAUTAction Committee Against Unabated Taxation. ACAUT
ACAVAction Committee against Violence. ACAV
ACCACAcademic Council Committee for Academic Centres. ACCAC
ACCCsAssembly Constituency Congress Committees. ACCCs
ACCTSAdvisory Committee on Clinical and Translational Science. ACCTS
ACDRAIDS Committee of Durham Region. ACDR
ACECAdvisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility. ACEC
ACFRAdvisory Committee on Fishery Reasearch. ACFR
ACFRAdvisory Committee on Fisheries Research. ACFR


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