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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Conferences. All abbreviations on this page are 1TC means 1(First) Treasury Convention, 4WWF means Fourth World Water Forum, 4YFN means 4 Years From Now, AA means Active Annual, AA means Average Attendance, AAAC means All Africa Anesthesia Congress, AABC means Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, AABF means Africa-Asian Business Forum, AABF means Albuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair, AAC means American Athletic Conference, AAC means Appalachian Athletic Conference, AACC means All Asian Creation Conference, AACL means Anti Aging Conference London, AACL means Anti Ageing Conference London, AACSS means All Africa Conference Sister to Sister, AADC means Advanced Autonomous Drive Conference, AAFC means All-America Football Conference, AAFC means All America Football Conference, AAFC means Asian American Footsteps Conference, AAFC means All American Football Conference,

1TC1(First) Treasury Convention. 1TC
4WWFFourth World Water Forum. 4WWF
4YFN4 Years From Now. 4YFN
AAActive Annual. AA
AAAverage Attendance. AA
AAACAll Africa Anesthesia Congress. AAAC
AABCAdvanced Automotive Battery Conference. AABC
AABFAfrica-Asian Business Forum. AABF
AABFAlbuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair. AABF
AACAmerican Athletic Conference. AAC
AACAppalachian Athletic Conference. AAC
AACCAll Asian Creation Conference. AACC
AACLAnti Aging Conference London. AACL
AACLAnti Ageing Conference London. AACL
AACSSAll Africa Conference Sister to Sister. AACSS
AADCAdvanced Autonomous Drive Conference. AADC
AAFCAll-America Football Conference. AAFC
AAFCAll America Football Conference. AAFC
AAFCAsian American Footsteps Conference. AAFC
AAFCAll American Football Conference. AAFC


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