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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Counties. All abbreviations on this page are AACO means Anne Arundel County, ABCE means Association of Bay County Educators, ABCT means Alliance of Boulder County on Tobacco, ACAA means Allegheny County Airport Authority, ACAP means Aroostook County Action Program, ACBC means Addiction Center of Broome County, ACCA means Auglaize County Council on Aging, ACCAT means Adams County Cancer Awareness Team, ACCB means Allamakee County Conservation Board, ACCB means Audubon County Conservation Board, ACCE means American City County Exchange, ACCFC means Anoka County Children and Family Council, ACCR means Allegheny County Coalition for Recovery, ACCW means Alexander County Championship Wrestling, ACDS means Alameda County Dental Society, ACDS means Athens County Dog Shelter, ACED means Adams County Economic Development, ACEH means Alameda County Environmental Health, ACEL means Alachua County Emerging Leaders, ACEMS means Athens County Emergency Medical Services,

AACOAnne Arundel County. AACO
ABCEAssociation of Bay County Educators. ABCE
ABCTAlliance of Boulder County on Tobacco. ABCT
ACAAAllegheny County Airport Authority. ACAA
ACAPAroostook County Action Program. ACAP
ACBCAddiction Center of Broome County. ACBC
ACCAAuglaize County Council on Aging. ACCA
ACCATAdams County Cancer Awareness Team. ACCAT
ACCBAllamakee County Conservation Board. ACCB
ACCBAudubon County Conservation Board. ACCB
ACCEAmerican City County Exchange. ACCE
ACCFCAnoka County Children and Family Council. ACCFC
ACCRAllegheny County Coalition for Recovery. ACCR
ACCWAlexander County Championship Wrestling. ACCW
ACDSAlameda County Dental Society. ACDS
ACDSAthens County Dog Shelter. ACDS
ACEDAdams County Economic Development. ACED
ACEHAlameda County Environmental Health. ACEH
ACELAlachua County Emerging Leaders. ACEL
ACEMSAthens County Emergency Medical Services. ACEMS


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