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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Countries. All abbreviations on this page are ABC means Aruba, Bonaire, And Curacao, ACA means America, Canada, and Australia, ACA means Anti-Corruption Agency, ACP means African, Caribbean and Pacific, AD means Andorra, Principality of, ADE means Abu Dhabi Emirate, AE means United Arab Emirates, AE means Allied Europe, AEG means Airsoft Electric Guns, AF means Afghanistan, AFG means Afghanistan, AG means Antigua and Barbuda, AI means Anguilla, AISEN means Association of International School Educators of Nigeria, AISG means American Iraqi Solutions Group, AL means Albania, ALDC means Africa and Least Developed Countries, AM means Armenia, AN means Netherlands Antilles, ANSES means Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social,

ABCAruba, Bonaire, And Curacao. ABC
ACAAmerica, Canada, and Australia. ACA
ACAAnti-Corruption Agency. ACA
ACPAfrican, Caribbean and Pacific. ACP
ADAndorra, Principality of. AD
ADEAbu Dhabi Emirate. ADE
AEUnited Arab Emirates. AE
AEAllied Europe. AE
AEGAirsoft Electric Guns. AEG
AFAfghanistan. AF
AFGAfghanistan. AFG
AGAntigua and Barbuda. AG
AIAnguilla. AI
AISENAssociation of International School Educators of Nigeria. AISEN
AISGAmerican Iraqi Solutions Group. AISG
ALAlbania. AL
ALDCAfrica and Least Developed Countries. ALDC
AMArmenia. AM
ANNetherlands Antilles. AN
ANSESAdministración Nacional de la Seguridad Social. ANSES


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