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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Cricket. All abbreviations on this page are ABCA means Albury Border Cricket Association, ABD means Abraham Benjamin DeVilliers, ACB means Australian Cricket Board, ACC means Asian Cricket Championship, ACF means American Cricket Federation, AECL means Aberdeen Evening Cricket League, APCL means Australian Premier Cricket League, ASJCC means Aberfeldie St Johns Cricket Club, ATCL means Austin TapedBall Cricket League, AVCC means Amwell Valley Cricket Club, BACD means British Association For Cricketers with Disabilities, BCA means Barbados Cricket Association, BCB means Bangladesh Cricket Board, BCB means Berbice Cricket Board, BCCB means Bahawalpur Cricket Control Board, BCCI means Board of Control for Cricket in India, BCCI means Board of Control of Cricket in India, BCCI means Board of Cricket Control in Istanbul, BCEW means Blind Cricket England Wales, BCEW means Blind Cricket England and Wales,

ABCAAlbury Border Cricket Association. ABCA
ABDAbraham Benjamin DeVilliers. ABD
ACBAustralian Cricket Board. ACB
ACCAsian Cricket Championship. ACC
ACFAmerican Cricket Federation. ACF
AECLAberdeen Evening Cricket League. AECL
APCLAustralian Premier Cricket League. APCL
ASJCCAberfeldie St Johns Cricket Club. ASJCC
ATCLAustin TapedBall Cricket League. ATCL
AVCCAmwell Valley Cricket Club. AVCC
BACDBritish Association For Cricketers with Disabilities. BACD
BCABarbados Cricket Association. BCA
BCBBangladesh Cricket Board. BCB
BCBBerbice Cricket Board. BCB
BCCBBahawalpur Cricket Control Board. BCCB
BCCIBoard of Control for Cricket in India. BCCI
BCCIBoard of Control of Cricket in India. BCCI
BCCIBoard of Cricket Control in Istanbul. BCCI
BCEWBlind Cricket England Wales. BCEW
BCEWBlind Cricket England and Wales. BCEW


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