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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Culture. All abbreviations on this page are ACHM means Arts and Cultural Heritage Management, ACHM means Australian Cultural Heritage Management, ACLA means Arts and Culture Leadership Alliance, ACLM means Associação Cultural Luso Moçambicana, ACLP means Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme, ACOM means Armenian Cultural Organization of Minnesota, ACPG means Arts and Culture Presentation Grant, ACPN means African Cultural Policy Network, ACPV means Acció Cultural del País Valencià, ACRAD means Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Aldeia da Dona, ACRC means Amherst Center for Russian Culture, ACSAP means Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan, ACSF means Architecture Culture and Spirituality Forum, ACSL means Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory, ACSP means Augustine and Culture Seminar Program, ACUA means Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts, ACVE means Aotearoa Cultural Volunteer Exchange, ADB means Associate of the Drama Board, AFAC means Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, AFO means l'Assemblée de la Francophonie de l'Ontario,

ACHMArts and Cultural Heritage Management. ACHM
ACHMAustralian Cultural Heritage Management. ACHM
ACLAArts and Culture Leadership Alliance. ACLA
ACLMAssociação Cultural Luso Moçambicana. ACLM
ACLPAdvanced Cultural Leadership Programme. ACLP
ACOMArmenian Cultural Organization of Minnesota. ACOM
ACPGArts and Culture Presentation Grant. ACPG
ACPNAfrican Cultural Policy Network. ACPN
ACPVAcció Cultural del País Valencià. ACPV
ACRADAssociação Cultural e Recreativa de Aldeia da Dona. ACRAD
ACRCAmherst Center for Russian Culture. ACRC
ACSAPArts and Culture Strategic Action Plan. ACSAP
ACSFArchitecture Culture and Spirituality Forum. ACSF
ACSLArt and Cultural Studies Laboratory. ACSL
ACSPAugustine and Culture Seminar Program. ACSP
ACUAAlberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts. ACUA
ACVEAotearoa Cultural Volunteer Exchange. ACVE
ADBAssociate of the Drama Board. ADB
AFACArab Fund for Arts and Culture. AFAC
AFOl'Assemblée de la Francophonie de l'Ontario. AFO


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