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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Currencies. All abbreviations on this page are $A means Australian Dollars, $C means Canadian Dollars, $CAN means Canadian Dollars, $US means United States Dollars, ACU means Asian Currency Unit, ADF means Andorran Franc , ADP means Andorran Peseta , AED means United Arab Emirates Dirham, AFA means Afghanistan Afghani , ALC means American Liberty Currency, ALL means Albanian Lek , AM means Axia Metalliki (value in metal), ANG means Neth Antilles Guilder , AON means Angolan New Kwanza , ARS means Argentine Peso , ATS means Austrian Schilling , AUD means Australian Dollar , AWG means Aruba Florin , BBD means Barbados Dollar , BD means Bahraini Dinar,

$AAustralian Dollars. $A
$CCanadian Dollars. $C
$CANCanadian Dollars. $CAN
$USUnited States Dollars. $US
ACUAsian Currency Unit. ACU
ADFAndorran Franc . ADF
ADPAndorran Peseta . ADP
AEDUnited Arab Emirates Dirham. AED
AFAAfghanistan Afghani . AFA
ALCAmerican Liberty Currency. ALC
ALLAlbanian Lek . ALL
AMAxia Metalliki (value in metal). AM
ANGNeth Antilles Guilder . ANG
AONAngolan New Kwanza . AON
ARSArgentine Peso . ARS
ATSAustrian Schilling . ATS
AUDAustralian Dollar . AUD
AWGAruba Florin . AWG
BBDBarbados Dollar . BBD
BDBahraini Dinar. BD


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